Practice pantaloons

I had some time on the weekend to make a muslin pair of Owyn pants. My mom, from whom I inherited my crafty and hoarding tendencies, dug into her stash and gave me some red quilting cotton–fabric that she’s likely had for 30 years. Some other things I’ve inherited from my mom are a warped sense of my actual size and thick thighs. So the muslin was essential to get a realistic idea of fit before cutting into my linen.

I’ve been reading everything I can find by women who have made the pants and applied what I’d learned to my traced pattern. I raised the waist by two inches, lengthen the leg by an inch (I’m 5’4″ and not really into cropped pants), and tapered the leg two sizes. It was at this point that my mom arrived, looked at my traced patterned, and pronounced it too big. We measured from the crotch to the hip on the pattern and then on me and I agreed to go down one size. I re-traced the pattern and tapered the leg to the smallest size.



Excuse the lack of ironing, I was anxious to try them on and then didn’t take them off until it was time for bed. I used a 1.5 inch elastic because that’s what I had and it makes the waist extremely comfortable and feels less like the elastic will twist.

My initial feel was that they were too small in the hips and I am waffling on that (see first paragraph) plus I was distracted by how short they are in the back. Squatting to pull clothes out of the dryer revealed quite a lot of my backside. Sitting down would pose similar problems. I found a backside adjustment tutorial on 100 acts of sewing so I will give that a go next using the leftover red fabric. I may add a half inch to the hips. And then hopefully I’ll be ready to make my linen pants.

Two other things I read about that I may try: add interfacing to stabilize the front and adjusting the front crotch to reduce bagging. Both need some research.

Initial pattern impression: the pattern is simple to make and the pants are comfortable. I’m putting in extra work to adjust the fit because I’m trying to add items to my wardrobe that fit me and that I will actually wear. These are my first pair of pants so maybe all pants will require the same level of tweaking to achieve fit.


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