As a newish sewist, I’ve learned that I adore planning projects, researching and ranking patterns to sew, and shopping and stockpiling fabric – really, I have an almost overwhelming amount of fabric right now. And luckily, I also love sewing my favourite patterns, exchanging ideas, and talking about what I’m doing, especially with Ange.

But when it comes to starting a project that is just outside my comfort zone, I pause. And during that pause, I become distracted. Suddenly, I remember that this is the week I was planning on organizing my pantry. Something comes up at work. Then I notice that I never did finish weeding in the backyard, and I should get started on that, but first, I need a new garden hose. Oh, there’s another hornet’s nest. That’s not a fun job at all, so maybe I can take care of it later. I mean, do we really need to get rid of a new hornet’s nest right this minute? (Actually, yeah we do, because that’s one thing you don’t want to forget.) And so it goes.

Finally, I focus, decide to start my Minttu top, and assemble the pattern, but look who I find? It’s hard to fault him, given that the papers are temptingly on the floor.


Taking the next step can be hard. For the most part, I’m already happy with my current skills (although I would like to be better with said skills), and that happiness is the main reason why I never seem to move past a certain level in anything I do, and I stay a dilettante. There’s nothing intimidating in my new pattern. Sure, I’ll be using interfacing for the first time, but that’s going to be a Very Good Thing to learn. I can find lots of helpful tutorials. And I really do want to go beyond and build my skills, techniques, and wardrobe.

So this week will be better. Unless I find another hornet’s nest.


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