I like to research things just enough to feel like I have a handle on it and then I dive in and usually wing it with confidence that whatever I am doing will work out. Generally, I need to be able to do something well enough. I try to embrace mistakes and nothing I ever make or do will be perfect, because perfect is boring and who is ever going to notice? The person who does notice is also boring. I said it.

But these pants. I am spending a lot of time and energy on these pants. I am determined to make pants that fit and are flattering and comfortable and that I will actually wear. Somehow in the course of my internet research, I came across a blog that mentioned Fake Camel Toe which linked to a site with information on how to fix FCT. I gasped and tried on my practice pantaloons. I had FCT! the loose, bagging fabric at the front crotch gave the illusion on camel toe. Now that I had seen it, I couldn’t unsee it. Since I was creating a new pattern template to incorporate the backside adjustment, I figured I might as well adjust the front too. Armed with a ruler and a vague sense that it should work, I trimmed the front crotch seam as instructed by the Fashion Incubator post and raise the backside as instructed by 100 acts of sewing. I also decided to add pockets based on Sew Over It’s instructions. Here’s what I learned: eyeballing pocket placement is never a good idea.

At this point, I was honestly starting to loose track of all the changes I had made to the pattern. There were so many pieces of tissue paper lying around I was getting confused. Here’s what I did:

  • raised the waist 2 inches
  • added a backside adjustment
  • trimmed the front crotch seam to reduce the FCT
  • lengthened the leg
  • tapered the leg
  • added pockets

The second pair of pantaloons were good. The pockets are ridiculous and add way too much bulk to my thighs but overall the pants were good. Emboldened, I cut my black linen. And just over an hour later, I had a fantastic pair of linen pants. I am happy.


#summerofbasics #owynpants #frankenpants




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