A Basic, But Unfortunate, Mistake

After a very slow start to the Summer of Basics and a blink-and-you-miss-it June, I was delighted to find myself with some free time to sew this past weekend and dive into my projects. It didn’t quite work out as planned.

To the Minttu. The first part – the main tank top – sews up beautifully; it’s a very satisfying beginning. My complications started with the facing and interfacing, even after watching a fantastic tutorial.

I fused the interfacing to the facing pieces, sewed them together, and started to attach the facing to the main tank. The neck hole was good – a promising sign! Excellent. The first armhole was not; I sewed part of the wrong sides together. It happens, and that’s what a trusty stitch ripper is for. Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 5.30.48 PM

This pin was truly made for me.

Take two: I figured out how to attach the pieces correctly, but noticed that the facing armhole wasn’t lining up with my tank armhole. In fact, it was smaller. I checked the pattern; no issues there. I kept on, and the result was disheartening.

I had forgotten to preshrink my interfacing, and as you can probably guess, it gradually pulled in my facing pieces, and bunched the beautiful, clean seams I was expecting. While the bottom of the tank fit perfectly, the top was too small and lumpy. I ripped into the stitches again, hoping to salvage the tank, but the stretch stitches (aka my new nemesis stitch) weren’t playing nice with the knit fabric and it turned into a bit of a mess. And then I started getting holes in the material.

After some choice words, I took a break and decided to cut my losses and order new material. Better to start from scratch, and I can always use the current tank for something else. And I even managed to find some positives:

  • It’s a good reminder not to rush a project. And maybe read all the instructions first.
  • More opportunities to practice is a Very Good Thing.
  • I can avoid this screw up:


(Even though I wouldn’t be able to see it, how irksome to know that there’s a sliver of paper stuck between the interfacing and fabric.)

While I wait for my new fabric, I decided to start cutting the pattern and fabric for the Farrow dress. This is a welcome change! I roll on with a little spring in my step, until I notice that the pattern also calls for interfacing. ‎



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